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Oily Wastewater Collection

While our customers depend on us for used oil and filter pickups, our expert fleet of drivers can also collect non-hazardous petroleum contaminated water. Our experienced professionals provide cost-effective management of non-hazardous petroleum contaminated water. Whether it’s the collection of water-contaminated storage tanks, industrial wastewater, liquids from a drain trap or just simple mop water, Universal Environmental Services offers the support that keeps your business moving.

If it involves routine maintenance or a quick response, UES has the transportation network and storage support to ensure your business continues to operate even under the most challenging of circumstances. Our used oil collection trucks can cover routine collection of non-hazardous oily wastewater and our vacuum services team keeps you covered with larger oily water jobs as well as in the event of an emergency.

Universal Environmental Services manages all wastewater streams to remove any recoverable petroleum. We make sure anything that can be recycled in the non-hazardous oily wastewater will be. Universal Environmental Services follows a strict set of guidelines and environmental procedures to ensure oily wastewater is disposed of in the proper manner and at an appropriate disposal facility.

To better assist customers with the separation of waste streams, UES also offers customers a variety of containers — from totes to drums — for the collection and separation of spent antifreeze and non-hazardous oily wastewater from their used oil supply.

It is important to note that chlorinated spray cleaners or solvents should not be used. A small amount of chlorinated solvent will contaminate your waste stream and result in your used oil or oily water being regulated as a hazardous waste.

So for regular maintenance and collections, specialized jobs, or in the event of an emergency, the Universal Environmental Services team has got you covered when it comes to managing your non-hazardous petroleum contaminated water.

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