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Hazardous & Special Waste Division

UES is a full-service nationwide waste management company offering hazardous, non-hazardous, and special waste disposal services to customers across the country. We have the ability to manage a variety of hazardous materials. Our UES Hazardous waste team will prepare and submit profiles, create shipping papers and labels, schedule the removal, transportation, disposal, and recycling of your waste. Our Hazardous waste team provides assistance in all your hazardous waste needs.

Our Haz Waste service include:

  •        Preparing and submitting profiles
  •        Creating Manifests/Labels and Shipping papers
  •        Schedule transportation and disposal of your hazardous waste
  •        Provide on-site compliance
  •        Managing Biohazard Mail-Back program
  •        Lab packing
  •        Container Sales
  •        COD’s upon request
  •        Customer Portal
  •        Provide data for all your reporting needs

Universal Environmental Services
helps keep our landfills and environment free from hazardous materials by recycling all your Univeral and Electronic waste.

Batteries come in all different types, shapes, and sizes, but almost all contain hazardous materials that make them dangerous if improperly disposed of. Ballasts may contain many different components considered toxic, such as PCBs and DEHPs.

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is anything from obsolete computers to TVs to circuit boards. E-waste often contains toxins and hazardous chemicals (Examples: lead and mercury). This has the potential to leak into the environment if left unremoved, causing numerous health and environmental problems.

Universal Environmental Services offers solutions to recycling batteries and E-waste properly, making sure that your facility is keeping the environment clean and safe, as well as staying within all government regulations concerning battery, ballast, bulbs, and E-waste disposal.

We are a phone call or email away for any of your hazardous/special waste needs.

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